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2 Wheels + 1 Virus = Bank Holidays with a Difference

Easter: that glorious long bank holiday weekend when we’re lucky to experience the first proper sunshine of the year. It’s a perfect time to kick back, relax in the sun, get married… or cycle 205 miles to a wedding and back. With the aim of my Coast2CoastUSA training being now incredibly essential (I was now just 9 weeks away from D-Day) I, in my wisdom, decided that I’d cycle to the wedding.

This was an excellent plan. It’s 205 miles from my home in Essex to Coventry and back again. I was going anyway. I had a long weekend.

Then I got ill. It was proper wiped-out-with-a-virus-feeling-dreadful levels of feeling unwell. And I was like that for the two weeks immediately preceding the planned training ride. My trusty exercise bike which has seen me ramping up the miles over the winter actually gathered dust. The executionof my plan was looking tough.

Yet I was determined not to be beaten. When you’re facing the prospect of 4000 miles over 50 days crossing an entire continent for a charity bike ride, you don’t have the luxury. I had to get training on track. I hadto get to the wedding. And I needed to summon up that will power which will hopefully see me power through the inevitable low spots come June and July this year.

It did take me a few attempts to get our of bed but I'm happy to say I achieved my target.

Coast2CoastUSA from Chigwell to Coventry

It’s all downhill from here

Route up done. Wedding attended and celebrated. It was time to head home again. Yes, it was still hot. I still didn’t feel the best I’ve ever felt on two wheels. But I was back in the saddle. I wastraining again.

Heading home I reflected that this was a particularly important training ride for the June 24thkick-off. Some days during the Coast2CoastUSA ride I’ll be aiming to exceed 100 miles. Here I’d achieved that and was doing it again in quick succession.

As I retraced my steps through the picturesque villages nearing my home I pondered that this virus had helped me out here. Yes, it’d knocked me for six, but it showed me I could do it. The trepidation I had felt before I set off had been scaled. That’s a big lesson when training for a mammoth ride such as Coast2CoastUSA which will clock up 4000 miles over 50 days.

Feeling inspired

Training is ongoing. I’m not frequently spoilt with a long weekend and wedding to give me cause to do a big ride. However, my weekly training is edging me closer to 24thJune.

I’m keen to raise as much money through Coast2Coast USA for Cancer Research UK, Parkinson’s UK, and Talk Club. Find out more about adding your own charity through Corporate Fundraising Packages. Every contribution will spur me on and make a difference to these charities. You can make individual donations here. Thank you for your support.

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