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The Challenger. About me.

My name is San Chima, I am a 60 year old father, husband, uncle, solicitor, mentor and long distance cyclist. I live and love life in London, England.


My philosophy is that you only live once and that you should live a life of challenges. Too often we end up achieving a fraction of what we can really accomplish due to our self limiting beliefs. I like to test my limits and in my coaching I help others to try and do the same. 


You could say I'm no stranger to challenges...


  • I ran my own law firm for 24 years which I built up from scratch, selling it with 20 staff and an excellent reputation.

  • I've built up a property portfolio over many years for my retirement.


  • I've ran Marathons - London, Berlin, Boston  Chicago and New York. I've also done an Ultramarathon (40miles) 


  • I've cycled from Lands End to John o' Groats (twice - I liked it so much) France - End to End, and Italy 800 miles.

 I hope you'll join me in supporting one of the biggest challenges of my life across America, that will hopefully change the lives of many, not just my own.


Thank you!  


San Chima

Director of Talking Business


Email me at: info@mysite.com

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