4000 miles, 50 days,
11 states, 4 time zones
2 wheels - Done

Back on 24th June 2019, I dipped the wheels of my bike in to the Pacific Ocean at Astoria in Oregon, on the west coast of the USA. I would next catch a glimpse of the sea nearly 5000 pedal-powered miles later. 

On 12th August 2019 I once again dipped my wheels in the ocean. This time it was the Atlantic, in the town of Portsmouth New Hampshire.

The Personal Challenge

This 50 day tour saw me traverse the USA from west to east. I put away the miles as I cycled through the Cascades, Rockies and Appalachians. I rode through high deserts and miles upon miles of agricultural land in the mid-west. 

With cramps, tiredness and even at times boredom, I kept going. This was a personal challenge of impressive proportions. It was designed to take me out of my comfort zone, push myself to my limits and grow as a person. It did that to a degree I couldn’t imagine.

Find out more about the route I took.

Whilst there were some tough moments, the ride and landscape was exhilarating and worth it. Conquering such a monumental challenge has simply spurred me on to plan for the next, bigger, harder one. Watch this space!


The Charitable Challenge

I took the opportunity to turn my personal quest in to one to raise awareness and funds for two charitable causes which are important to me.

In total, the ride raised in the region of £20,000 for Cancer Research and Parkinson’s UK. Find out more about these incredible charities. Knowing that two vital charities were benefiting spurred me on, making every mile count.

A huge thank you is extended to my sponsors and donors. From sizeable corporate sponsorship, to the individual donations of friends, I am grateful for every single penny. 

The Ride

Find out more about the route I took to cycle from the west coast of the USA to the east. It’s a varied way with both literal and figurative highs and lows. It’s an immense challenge. But it was worth it.

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